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Owned and operated by John and Karen McCutchen II, the founder and former President and CEO of MH Technologies, a Houston top electrical contractor founded in 1984. On Time Electric Inc gets it done right the first time with no selling pressure. Check out our A rating on Angie’s List!.

Ranked as the #1 Houston electrician for all types of projects, we provide residential, commercial and industrial electrical repairs and service in Greater Houston and Austin. On Time Electric Inc has been doing business since 2003. Our BBB A-rated award-winning licensed electricians (TECL 30313) have the experience for any job big or small. Call us today!

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On Time Electric, Inc. provides the finest electricians in Houston for all electrical repairs and services. Our highly trained electricians install wiring and all types of power systems for home and businesses. From breaker box wiring, to lighting your office, warehouse or home, our skilled electricians complete your projects right the first time.

When an electrical problem occurs, many customers believe that because a circuit breaker has tripped, they just need to reset that breaker. However there may be an underlying problem putting your power system at risk. Our trained Houston electricians will examine all wiring and circuits, and perform an electrical inspection to make sure your home or office is safe.

Common examples of issues our electricians see are improper grounding, open splices, improper fixture, fan and chandelier support, exposed wiring, under rated breaker boxes, over-rated and over-current protective devices, improper device installation and aluminum wiring issues. Improper wiring or grounding can lead to electrical shock or even fatal electrocution. This is why it's extremely important to hire an electrician with a great record with the City of Houston, the Better Business Bureau, and the community.

A grounding issue our electricians often see is older three wire systems for dryers with the grounding conductor jumper to the neutral conductor tab. This creates a path for the current to run through any person who simply opens the dryer door and touches the metal casing. The current that runs through the lamp inside the unit doesn't have a neutral to carry the current back to earth. Instead, it runs through the grounding conductor, which is physically bonded to the metal frame and walls. A person touching the dryer on a tile, earthen or concrete floor may easily be shocked. Our electricians will recommend a new circuit to correct this.

Many times our electricians are called out to a home or office due to no power to a particular item. Often there are open splices, which means they are not located within a properly rated enclosure. This is very hazardous, and usually an electrician can fix it within a few hours.

For wiring, installation, repairs or other services call the electrician Houston trusts at (832) 466-8463.

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