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The Original OnTime Electricians in Houston, Texas. Providing residential and commercial electrical repairs and service in since 1991. From breaker boxes to lighting, Office, Warehouse or your Home, we can provide the professionals to do Your projects right the first time and within Your budget. The way we operate our business is designed to meet the Customers needs first. This is done by getting you a Qualified, Licensed, Houston Electrician. He then performs an  electrical inspection of the premises.Many times Customers will think that because a circuit breaker has tripped, that they just need someone to reset that breaker. This is far from the case. Our trained electrician will need to investigate the circuit or circuits, of the item in question. We want to make sure You and  your Home or Office is Safe.

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Faulty wiring and other dangerous conditions can easily exist in an older structure or even one that has had wiring done by bootleggers or handymen. Common examples of the wiring issues we see are, improper grounding, open splices, improper fixture, fan and chandelier support, exposed wiring, under rated breaker boxes, over rated over current protective devices, improper device installation, aluminum wiring issues and more.

Improper Grounding can lead to electrical shock or even fatal electrocution. This is extremely important for you to hire a Houston Electrician with a great record with the City of Houston, the Better Business Bureau, and the community at large. A grounding issue we see often is where an older three wire system for a dryer has the grounding conductor jumper to the neutral conductor tab. This creates a path for the current to run through any person that touches the metal casing of the dryer while plugged in and they simply open the dryer door. The current that runs through the lamp inside the unit does not have a neutral to carry the current back to earth, instead it runs through the grounding conductor, which is physically bonded to the metal frame and walls of the dryer. A person touching the dryer on a tile,  earthen or concrete floor may easily be shocked. Our electrician will recommend a new circuit to alleviate this problem.

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The On Time Difference

  • Many times we will be called out to a Home or Office due to no power to a particular item. Often we find open splices, which means ” an electrical splice or joint, made up without being located within a properly rated enclosure”. This is very hazardous and usually we can fix it within a few hours.
  • Exposed wiring is another issue we see a lot of. This is usually the case when an un-licensed individual has performed electrical repairs or additions to a structure. The electrician will remove this wiring and either route it properly inside a wall or ceiling or use a conduit to enclose the conductors.
  • Under rated breaker boxes are very common in older homes and structures. Several decades ago we did not use the power we utilize today. Upgrading the breaker box and adding circuits with arc fault protection for home entertainment systems, and computer stations is a wise investment, and keeps You safe.
  • Aluminum wiring in homes is a serious concern. Several methods are UL Listed for the repair of this situation. Alumi-conn is the method we prefer for several reasons. First it allows for device change out easier if desired in the future, second crimping a splice on the aluminum can make it brittle.
  • As you can see OnTime Electric has the experience for the job, and Training for our electricians to make your property safe.
  • When emergencies arise, OnTime can be there, usually within the hour. Partial Power, No Power, from weather or just product failure, we can troubleshoot the problems and provide You with solutions. Fully licensed, Bonded and Insured for the protection of You and Your Home or Business. You built it, we make sure the power and the lights, stay on. OnTime Electric, “How Can we Brighten Your Day?”®