Underground Electrical Service Repair or Installation

The term underground service is used when the electrical power cable coming from our power source to your home or business is buried underground. Underground service is ideal for customers who want overhead clearance for a pool, deck or patio.

In a residential setting, the feeder wire is attached to the transformer and is fed through a conduit or PVC conduit sleeve attached to the utility company’s power pole. The conduit should extend below the ground so the cables cannot be damaged. These cables run to the area where the meter is attached to the home. The meter will have conduit extending from the meter into and below the ground. The feeder wires ill again be protected by the conduit from damage that could occur from things like mowers and weed trimmers. Since there in no overhead wires, there is no overhead wire danger with this installation.

New Underground Electrical Service Installation

Because the availability of the electric power source varies from customer to customer, please contact us early in your planning stage so we can assess your needs and determine costs. The power company may need to extend higher-voltage power lines to provide service to your property. This requires additional time and possibly additional utility company charges. Local codes and utility company standards dictate the specifications of trench depth, conduit size, fill, and conductor size. Always use a qualified licensed electrician like On Time Electric to perform this work.

Underground Electrical Service Repair

On Time Electric has invested a great deal of time and money to ensure all of our electricians have the necessary equipment and training required to maximize our troubleshooting capabilities. This is most evident in our ability to locate and repair breaks with electrical circuit tracing, even underground.

The circuit tracing experts from On Time Electric not only isolate individual underground breaks, we have the relationships and skill sets in place to do all work needed to repair the break or replace the underground feeders.

Heavy rains have a way of increasing the likelihood of underground electrical line failure. Technical improvements in cable technology, wire placement, conduit sizing, grounding methods, directional boring techniques and other aspects of under ground power lines have advanced the reliability of underground power.

Call On Time Electric today if you experience partial power loss to your home or business and let us get you back up a running. Call 832-4 ON-TIME today!