Privacy Policy

On Time Electric, Inc.

On Time Electric are aware of the growing concern about internet privacy. As such we are posting our privacy policy For your review. By using our website(s) you agree to this policy. Should you not agree, leave the web site and contact us. On Time does collect private information about our website viewers, this is very limited in scope and does not include any financial information.

What we collect:

We collect your browser information, what web browser you are using, what IP address you are visiting our site from, what keywords or keyword phrases you used in a search to find our website, and which pages you visited and for how long. This information is then utilized by OnTime to modify our website to make your visits to our site more informative, enjoyable and user-friendly. OnTime may also collect information you provide to us on our contact and appointment forms.

This information is retained by OnTime for an indefinite period of time. We use this information to contact you, the user, as you have requested a service or product or appointment for a service or product. OnTime may also use this information to contact you about any recalls of products we may have used in the course of providing service(s) to you.

How this information is collected:

We collect browser based information by the use of cookies. Cookies are a non-executable file, that merely reports to the initiator the browser settings and IP, as stated above.

You may limit, prohibit cookies on your web browser by adjusting your security settings on the browser.

We doe not require cookies to be enabled in order to use our site(s). You may also limit or prohibit cookies by using you anti-virus software, or by purchasing third party security software.

A good resource to locate this type of software is and type in ” security software”. You will find many products out there. On Time also collects information that you submit to us as stated above, for reasons stated above.

OnTime does not sell, transfer or post your information to any third party. We may transfer your information to a subsidiary or parent company, or if we should sell or transfer its business, it will transfer this information to the new owners.

Federal Laws Protect what information can be collected.

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Should you have any questions, you may contact us at:

Or call toll free 866-4-ONTIME