Circuit Breaker Replacement

Circuit Breaker Replacement

Protecting your electrical wiring from power overloads and short circuits, circuit breakers are essential for fire prevention in your home or business. To ensure safe installation, circuit breaker replacements should be performed by a qualified electrician. And, the 2014 code now requires arc-fault breakers on all upgraded or new panel installations.

Circuit Overloads

Circuit overloads are one reason for replacing circuit breakers. Powering too many electronics on one outlet can lead to a circuit overload. If you are running power that exceeds the capacity of an outlet, the amount of amperage being transferred may be more than the electrical circuits are designed to handle. Circuit overloads can also be caused by wiring problems. A licensed electrician can help you avoid potential circuit overloads and other electrical hazards.

Upgrading Circuit Breakers

Homeowners and businesses often replace their circuit breakers to keep up with advances in technologically. Many dated electrical systems are not equipped to support today’s high powered devices. To support your electrical needs without the risk of a fire, having an electrician upgrade your circuitry may be necessary.

Testing and Installing Breakers

Our professional electricians can test your circuit breakers using a voltage tester. Our electrical technicians also diagnose any other problems, and inspect your breaker connections to secure loose terminals. If you have breakers that need to be replaced, we will ensure proper sizing of breakers to keep your wires from carrying too much current. After inserting your new breakers, our electricians connect all wiring to the breakers, and retest your system to guarantee performance and safety.

The electricians at On Time Electric install circuit breakers fast and efficiently. Our expert electricians safely install and replace breakers to comply with electrical code requirements. For installation or replacement of circuit breakers by a licensed electrician, call us toll free at (866) 4-ONTIME or (832) 466-8463, or fill out our quick and easy online appointment scheduler.