Breaker Box Replacements

An important part of an electrical system, breaker boxes are also called electrical panels, fuse boxes, panel boards, breaker panels and many other names. A breaker box distributes power through circuits in your home or business. It is a steel container that encases the main breaker, circuit breakers and other components. Circuit breakers protect the wiring in your home or business from damage in the event of an electrical overcurrent or short by turning your power off and on.

Electrical Upgrades
When expanding the electrical capacity of your home, replacing or adding a breaker box to accommodate additional circuit breakers may be necessary. New service panels are also installed to upgrade older fuse systems with circuit breakers.

Electrical Panel Installation
The electricians at OnTime Electric install everything from wiring and cabling, to electrical meters and breaker panels. Our Houston area electricians are experts in breaker boxes and planning electrical systems. We evaluate your power requirements to determine the type of electrical panel that you need. Our electricians determine the correct amps and circuit breakers for your needs, to help you avoid power disruptions and outages,

Repairs and Maintenance

We are experienced in all aspects of breaker boxes and servicing electrical panels. If you need troubleshooting, maintenance or repairs, we are ready to help you.

Performing safe and secure electrical panel services, the professionals at OnTime Electric ensure that your breaker box and installation meets all codes and requirements. For breaker box replacement and services that are guaranteed, call us toll free at (866) 4-ONTIME or (832) 466-8463, or fill out our convenient online appointment scheduler.



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