Install New Electrical Circuits


Install New Electrical Circuits

Need more places to plug in? Need to bring your electrical circuits up to code? Whether you’re adding an electrical outlet to an existing finished space, upgrading an outlet, or adding more circuits and outlets to an unfinished space, there are a variety of factors you should take into consideration including load calculations. On Time Electric routinely adds new outlets, upgrades circuits, runs dedicated circuits and adds breakers (or sub-panels) to accommodate any new circuit requirements. We can even increase the size of your electrical service if that is what is needed to accommodate your new requirements.

What to Expect from Electrical Outlet Installation

  • Materials: Outlet, electrical wire, outlet cover, electrician’s screwdrivers, wire nuts, outlet box.
  • Timing: A licensed electrician typically needs only an hour or two to install a new electrical outlet. If additional space is needed in the circuit main or if a sub-panel needs to be added, that can add substantial time.
  • Mess: Not much, really. There’s typically only some plastic, paper, wire, and packaging for the new outlet that’s easily picked up by hand and vacuumed up by our electricians.

Any Extra Costs When Installing Electrical Outlets?

  • Sub-panel addition: If your existing circuit panel can’t accommodate the new electrical outlet, you may need to have a master electrician install a sub-panel to add space
  • Premium Devices: Decorator receptacles, special NEMA configurations, twist lock or otherwise non-standard wiring devices can add to the cost.
  • Long Runs: If your panel is located more than 75′ from the outlet, then the extra length of the circuit could also add cost.

On Time Electric has the professional licensed master electricians to perform a load analysis, and assist you in making the safe choice for your electrical needs. We even have a group drywall specialists who work hand-in-hand with our electricians if your project requires cutting or patching any drywall! Call On Time Electric at 832-466-8463 today!

BBB & OnTime Electric Expert Electrician


Expert Electrician

OnTime has been providing expert electricians in Houston for years, and is a proud Winner of the BBB Award for Excellence for several years. We believe the best way to provide affordable service to our customers is to give them all the options and let them choose.

Our pricing is all approved by you before any work is done. And our exclusive 100% money back guarantee is just that. If you are not satisfied with the work we have done, we will fix it so you are satisfied. If you are still not satisfied, we will refund your money for the portion of the job that you are dissatisfied with, subject to the terms of our proposal (residential only). Commercial work subject to terms of our bid or proposal.

BBB Award for Excellence

The Better Business Bureau is proud to announce that OnTime Electric is a 2011 Award for Excellence Winner of Distinction. The BBB is a National Organization dedicated to the ethical and fair treatment of consumers. The Houston offices of the BBB are readily accessible by going to the following link:

Now for years of Award Winning Service that is done right, call the exert electricians!

Additions and Remodeling


Electrical Remodeling

When you are looking at expanding your existing space, or remodeling or updating that space, an important consideration is the electrical system. On Time Electric’s Houston electricians are trained in just such projects.

Whether it’s just a bathroom remodel with a few new circuits and new lighting to complete renovations of older homes, On Time Electric is your trusted partner.

Our remodeling electricians are fully trained in rewiring older knob and tube wiring, to adding a few new recessed lighting cans. We can provide new circuits for hot tubs or spa’s or for a computer or entertainment center. Our electricians even relocate breaker boxes and underground wiring in Houston to accommodate new additions, spas and pools.

Whatever your electrical need is, give us a call at 832-466-8463

Aluminum Wiring Repair


Aluminum wiring is all around you, and is safely used in many applications every day. Problems arise with aluminum wiring used for branch circuit wiring in homes in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Branch circuit wiring is the wiring that runs from the breaker box to the receptacles or outlets and to the lighting switches and lighting fixtures.

In these cases, aluminum conductors were attached to devices, many times devices not approved for use with aluminum wiring, and there is the problem. Aluminum expands under load and contracts back to its original size when no current is running through the conductor or wire. This constant expansion and contraction, can loosen up the connection to the electrical device or connector. Examples of such devices are plugs or receptacles, switches, wire nuts etc.

By utilizing a UL Listed connector such as AlumiConn®, you can reduce the hazards of aluminum wiring. AlumiConn® also allows you to change out devices, unlike the crimping method that some recommend.

Our electricians can repair your aluminum wiring and allow you to change your device color or style without having to completely re-do your aluminum wiring repair project.

Electrical Panel Repair | Replacement


On Time Electric Panel Replacement | Repair

Electrical panel repair or replacement should be performed by a licensed electrician like On Time Electric. This is not a DIY project! Did you know your electrical service provider can disconnect your electrical service if they have reason to believe your service panel and riser are not up to code or was installed without a permit or by an unlicensed electrician!

Electrical panels are distribution points for your property’s electrical circuitry. They provide the power to your outlets, lighting and appliances. They are are also called electrical panels or load centers.

These panels contain your circuit breakers, and distribute electricity throughout your home or office. The number of spaces determines how many breakers or separate circuits you can have installed.

Electrical panel can be very small, with as few as three breakers up to 42 circuit commercial electrical panels. The amperage rating of the panel determines how much actual electrical load the panel can carry.

Like any manufactured item, they do not last forever. A yearly inspection and tightening of lugs can prolong the life of most load centers or panel boards. Some older models may not have the desired trip characteristics, and may even no longer be UL Listed due to their inability to properly open a shorted or overloaded circuit.

On Time Electric specializes in same day service in Houston and Austin, and in most cases our electricians can get your damaged or malfunctioning breaker box replaced within hours! Call us at 832-466-8463 get your breaker box replacement today!

Electrical Storm Damage


Power surges are very common in Houston area. Power surges from the utility company, storms or even motors or transformers in your home or office can cause significant damage to your appliances and electronic equipment.

To protect your home ad office, we recommend a two stage surge protection system.

Stage one clamps and traps incoming spikes or surges. Our Stage One surge protectors come with a $10,000.00 to $50,000.00 coverage for your home and equal or more for office or medical systems. Our Stage Two systems provide power protection at the point of use or at the electrical outlet.

By combining the two systems, you can protect your property from electrical storm damage. Our electricians are always available to answer your questions about storm protection and electrical safety.

Power Outages


Power outages in Houston can be caused by a wide variety of circumstances. Houston, being close to the Gulf of Mexico, has to endure power failures from storm damage, tropical depressions, and even hurricanes.

The Northern Houston Area generally does not need to worry about hurricanes or tropical depressions like Ike and Allison, but must contend with strong thunderstorms and lightning strikes.

The good news is that we have your solution – home or office generators that operate automatically and run on natural gas or propane. We offer Onan, Briggs and Stratton, Kohler and Coleman generators. From 7kw to more efficient 17-25kw residential models and 45kw to 125kw large residential and small commercial models up to 1.75 mega watt for hospital, nursing care, and commercial and industrial applications.

We can provide a portion or a complete turnkey project for you and your home or office. Call (866)-4-ONTIME or (866)-466-8463 for an electrician.

Houston Underground Wiring Repair


OnTime does electrical underground wiring repair and replacements. If you have partial power or have lost all power, you may have a disconnect or break in your service lateral or underground wiring.

This is the wiring that runs from Center Point Energy’s transformer or pedestal to your home or office. The underground wiring is the homeowner’s or building owners responsibility.

We can diagnose this problem, and coordinate with Center Point Energy and the city you live in for the proper permit, and Texas One Call for re-installation of the service conductors and conduit.

Our electricians can usually start the project the same day!

Houston Electrical Repair


Electrical repair of any system can be frustrating task, that is why there is OnTime. We have the Houston electricians for your residential and commercial electrical needs, and they are professionals at what they do.

Whether you need repairs to a circuit, troubleshooting for a tripping breaker, or a motor replaced – we can help. We can send an electrician to fix lights that don’t work, a doorbell that won’t work, and repairs to fire suppression system interfaces. Our electricians will repair it right, and on your timeline! Call us for all of your Houston electrical repair needs.

Electrical Issues in Houston


OnTime has been serving the needs of Houston for a wide variety of electrical repairs and installations since 1991. If you’ve been experiencing power outages, flickering lights, or other electrical problems, our electricians can help.

Our number one priority is your safety. A working electrical system relieves your worries and ensures your protection. We also provide electrical services for additions, remodeling, breaker box replacement, new circuits and even aluminum wiring repairs. As for underground wiring repair and replacement, the process starts when you call us.

Our electricians are experts at commercial electrical repairs as well. Getting your project completed on budget and on time is our priority. Repairs are done by our qualified team of Master, Journeyman, and Residential Electricians. With low overhead and years of experience, we can provide you with a cost effective solution to your electrical wiring needs.

When you start your search for an electrician, look at the guarantee on their work. Verify that the company you choose is reliable, affordable and provides the type of service you need.

You can be assured OnTime is all the above. We have very low overhead, and no expensive multimillion dollar showrooms or sales managers. We are only in phone books with our name and number, we do not spend millions of dollars on our marketing budget like some competitors. That means you don’t pay the price for it!

For a licensed and insured Houston electrician, call us at 832-466-8463 or toll free (866) 4-ONTIME.