Aluminum Wiring Repair

Aluminum wiring is all around you, and is safely used in many applications every day. Problems arise with aluminum wiring used for branch circuit wiring in homes in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Branch circuit wiring is the wiring that runs from the breaker box to the receptacles or outlets and to the lighting switches and lighting fixtures.

In these cases, aluminum conductors were attached to devices, many times devices not approved for use with aluminum wiring, and there is the problem. Aluminum expands under load and contracts back to its original size when no current is running through the conductor or wire. This constant expansion and contraction, can loosen up the connection to the electrical device or connector. Examples of such devices are plugs or receptacles, switches, wire nuts etc.

By utilizing a UL Listed connector such as AlumiConn®, you can reduce the hazards of aluminum wiring. AlumiConn® also allows you to change out devices, unlike the crimping method that some recommend.

Our electricians can repair your aluminum wiring and allow you to change your device color or style without having to completely re-do your aluminum wiring repair project.

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